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Welcome to my photography site. My name is Kai. I am a freelance photographer with extensive experience in many photographic mediums. I still have not settled on a specific style or type of photography as I see it as a continuous learning experience and an opportunity to further my trade craft.

My work ranges from macro photography, photo journalism, nature, street/urban photography, architecture, art, monochrome, landscapes, portraits, boudoir, fashion photography, commercial photography, weddings, parties, special functions, and HDR.

I have a studio in Alexandria, VA where I do a majority of my work.

My rates are negotiable.

I can be reached at kai@kaischmidphotography.com. My mobile number is 703.244.3924.

Please feel free to contact me.



Buildings & Architecture

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National Botanical Garden

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Jennifer & Sam - 24 March 2013

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Insects and Animals

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Photo Journalism

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Landscapes and Cityscapes

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January 20, 2013 - Photo Shoot - Alexandria

Photo Shoot with fellow photographers Steven Rodney Geraldo and John " ...

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